What is Monaco famous for?

What is Monaco famous for?

Monaco is situated in Western part of Europe on the French Rivera as Monaco is surrounded by France so French is the common language spoken here, a large part of the county is surrounded Mediterranean sea, thus the coastal region are also important attraction in this country. Here we will discuss in detail about for what Monaco is famous for, some of the reasons are so strange that you will be surprised to know them, so let’s discuss what is Monaco famous for around the world is, and some attractive events of Monaco.

Millionaire population- First thing about what is Monaco famous for is the millionaire population of Monaco. The survey report few years ago surprised everyone; according to that survey about 30 present population of Monaco was millionaire, which is such a strange thing to notice, in terms of richness of population it is named among the top countries of the world.

Casino – Casino de Monte Carlo makes the Monaco world famous, this casino has given music in so many bit find, casino was opened in Monaco more than a century ago, and now it’s world famous and everybody around the world knows about this casino. In various films from ancient to latest we are seeing casino regularly, tube comes and go but the casino is there only, this makes the Monaco more famous. Casino is involved in maximum films, thousands of people visits Monaco just to enjoy the casino and casino plays a major role in increasing the tourism of the country.

Monaco grand pix- The most famous this about Monaco is the grand pix Formula 1 hosting by this country regularly every year since last 90 years, this event is most important in Monaco what is Monaco famous for is this event only. It is now a trend for the purple to body Monaco every year just to witness the Grand pix Formula 1 hosted here, it is a big achievement for the purple more to attend this great event, this shows the live of people towards this event and towards Monaco.

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Beautiful climate- As we know the Monaco is located on French Rivera in the South eastern part of France, the wonderful climate over there along with beautiful location increases the popularity of the county to a huge extent rich people body here regularly, various celebrities have visited the Monaco till now, the huge reason behind this is the events over there and another big reason is the climate of Monaco, which attracts the people towards Monaco. 

Tax from tourism- Monaco is named among world richest nation, what makes them so rich is the tax the country get from tourists visiting the country throughout the year, thousands of people come Monaco around the world just to visit and to enjoy the casinos, tourism is the primary source of their GDP and considered as a backbone of their economy, it’s only the popularity of Monaco which makes it a rich country, because the purple live to visit here because of casinos and F1 event.

These were the main reasons what is Monaco famous for , this makes it so different from any other part of world, including them there are several other reasons also such as no airport across the country, are some other facts which makes the Monaco famous.

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