What is Nice France famous for?

What is Nice France famous for

Nice is a beautiful place situated in southern part of France on the French Rivera. It is k own as the gateway of French Riviera. Nice is second most visited city of France after Paris, what makes the purple to visit here is the wonderful climate over there and beautiful beaches, which attracts the people across the world to visit here. Along with these museums are also a famous attraction of Nice, a plenty of museums are present in Nice which includes a lot of antique things which attracts the people towards them. In terms of number of museums it is ranked among top cities of France. Here we will discuss about some important characteristics of Nice and what is Nice France famous for.

Vieux Nice (old town)- Old town is considered as the heart of the city, any one visiting the Nice cannot left the old town untouched, roaming around the streets of old Town gives you a great pleasure, surely you will enjoy walking on these streets of old Town. Old town is the heart of Nice what is Nice famous for.  This is few kilometers long street is beautifully located and markets are present on the side of this streets along with few residential buildings, staying on those buildings gives a great scenic view to you and will totally amaze you. You can enjoy shopping in the old town from the local shops in nature the cultural products in these markets will attract you towards them and definitely any one roaming in the streets of old Town will love the shopping there. Castle hills are not too far away from the town you can enjoy the coastal scene around Mediterranean Sea, which increases the scenic beauty to a next level. Thus the old town is known as the heart of Nice.

Beaches- Beaches are the primary source of attraction in Nice everyone must have heard about the beaches of Nice, Rocky beaches present here attracts the people which provides a complete enjoyment to tourists. If we ask someone what is Nice France famous for, the first answer will be beaches. There are lot of public as well as private beaches present in Nice as the city is located in the coastal region do beaches are being common there, local people are mostly found in the public beaches especially young teenagers visits mostly, as these public beach provides them excitement along with adventure like swimming and other adventurous activity.  Apart from these public beaches there are large number of private beaches which are owned by private owners, these beaches are not less than a beautiful hotels it will give you feel like a boat house, top quality food along with wonderful facilities makes these beaches more comfortable, of you are planning to visit with children or your family then there are family beaches too whichever have you feel like a homely atmosphere and you can relax there, your children can enjoy by swimming and by posing other water games, as the live guards are present there to take care of your children you can relax there by just sitting back. Example of such private beaches is Opera and many others.

Museums- Nice are ranked among top cities of France in terms of number of museums. There are plenty of museums present which makes the Nice so famous, antique collection of these museums are so wonderful that anybody who loves to see antique things will definitely attract towards these collections and love to visit here again and again. This is one of the major reason of increasing the tourism of this city, purple from different corners of the world comes here to see these epic museums, some of these museums are awarded at the global level, which increase the popularity of these museums to a great extent. Muse Matisse the example of such antique museum which is visited by thousands of people from different countries throughout the year. The most important attraction here, what is Nice France famous for its large number of museums in this city.

 Promenade des area-  This is one of the most attractive street of Nice , you must be heard about this street earlier also that’s why it’s name comes among top famous places of Nice. Let’s discuss more about this place, People live to roam around the street of this place, thus place is very much connected to beach and all the place of nice are very easily reachable from here by the public transportation. If anyone discuss what is Nice France famous for the name of Promenade Street will surely come into his mind.

Geographically it is just a mini footpath, but it’s wonderful location and market over this place will attract you towards itself that’s why many people around the world comes to Nice just because to visit this beautiful small place, visiting here will provide you pleasure and an amazing feeling. Traffic is so wonderfully controlled here that you will have no problem on walking; underground tunnel controlled the traffic and also increases the beauty of the city.

Shopping- Shopping is another activity, what is Nice France famous for is shopping in the streets; thousands of people have visited to Nice just to do shopping. As we discussed above the markets in the old town contains beautiful cultural products along with situated on a beautiful location. The markets are situated along side of the streets in the old town which is the heart of the city, products in the markets are pocket friendly and not much expensive purple who visits there can easily by these products, either they are interested in cultural objects or any dressing material. Along with these cultural dresses food restraints are also Famous in Nice with view, these restaurants are situated on beautiful location and serves you an ultimate quality of  food, people like to take scenic view from these restaurants from the glass windows of these restaurants as these restaurants are situated in such a beautiful location.

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These were the major reasons  what is Nice France famous for, the beaches over there, museums contrasting antique collection, markets and the wonderful streets for just walking makes the Nice so famous around the world.  Apart from all these factors most important is the climate of Nice, which is very attractive for tourists and this climate is the foremost factor in increasing the tourism of the city. Now you must get the answer what is Nice France famous for. Beautiful climate and tasty food in the wonderful scenic view makes the day of tourists and they love to visit this beautiful city, thus the city is famous around the world

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