Top 5 of the nicest bars in Paris

nicest bars in Paris

Among the nicest bars in Paris, there are several that are more typical than others. Away from the tourist bars found in the capital’s busiest places, there are many others, less well known, sometimes more typical, sometimes offbeat, sometimes even outright innovative. In fact, and beyond the decor that can give a first impression, it is especially the atmosphere that will be decisive to allow you to have a good time, alone or with your friends. Everything will depend on your mood and the atmosphere you are looking for. After all, we are in Paris, a city of atmosphere par excellence, ideal for night owls or Paris Pub Crawl !

We therefore propose you a ranking of the nicest bars in Paris according to this simple criterion: The Atmosphere!


paris pub crawl

Want to seduce in a warm place to tease the Muses? Do you want a cosy place to chat in complete discretion, away from indiscreet ears?

The Buddah-Bar is the ideal place for you. Its warm decor with sensual colours will be the perfect setting for your discreet encounters. You will also have the opportunity to prolong your discussions around a table and why not spend the night in one of its rooms.

Ideally located in the golden triangle, this establishment is undoubtedly one of the nicest bars in Paris.


Want to experience live sporting events and support your favourite team?

Bar Kanon is for you! Its modern and dynamic look enhanced by giant screens will instantly immerse you in the atmosphere.

At half-time, you can also taste some delicious homemade burgers. Its arched room, with its clubbing atmosphere, will also allow you to celebrate your team’s victory.


Want to visit a legendary bar in French cinema? Lovers of culture, art and history?

Café Procope is for you! It is the oldest bar in Paris dating back to 1686 where intellectuals, philosophers, writers, poets and celebrities have met over the years.

Having a drink in this place will certainly take you back in time. Ideally located in the mythical district of Saint Germain des Prés, Procope will know how to

Breathe in, even bewitch you. You can continue your time travel with its traditional cuisine, which will be served on the brewery side.


Do you want to surprise your customers? To negotiate your files or simply to work in a stimulating space?

Craft coffee is for you! Its functional decoration has been designed to optimize your work. You can recharge your mobile equipment.

A friendly open space will encourage your professional exchanges. You will be able to finalize the signing of your contracts around a resolutely modern quality kitchen.


Want to sing? Want to dance? To party? Then the Bam Karaoke is for you!

Several rooms richly equipped with powerful state-of-the-art sound systems will quickly bring you into a festive atmosphere. Even if you are not a karaoke fan, you will be really amazed by the atmosphere and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

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